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Dice's Destruction:
Demon Dawgs - Las Vegas
Book Three


Not everyone has a happy childhood. I didn’t. But not everyone’s childhood ends with the roll of the dice. At least that’s how my unhappy childhood ended and the terror began. When I find a group of children facing the same horrors, I know I have to act.



What’s that saying? Weaker alone, stronger together? With my parents it wasn’t that way, it was weaker alone and even weaker together. It’s why I never wanted to be part of a couple. I’m a loner and I plan to stay that way. But meeting Dice has me rethinking everything. He makes me stronger and we’re going to need to be strong to save ourselves and the children.

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Recommended Reading Order

Recommended Reading Order

Recommended Reading Order

Demon Dawgs MC - San Diego

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Demon Dawgs MC - Las Vegas

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