Scar's Secret

Demon Dawgs MC
San Diego - Book Three



I feel drawn to Caitlin the day we found her broken body outside our clubhouse. I helped heal her and in doing so, found the one woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. But I have a secret. One that will keep me from marrying the woman I love. Before you think ill of me, I have a good reason for what I’ve done…




My path to finding Scar is not one filled with happiness and laughter. No, my way to him only holds pain and despair. When an attack leaves me close to death, Scar is the one who heals me. He wears his violent past on his face and body. Scars left by our country’s enemies. I don’t care about those. I only care about the man. He’s my sexy biker. He has his secrets. I have secrets of my own…

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Chaos's Crime

Demon Dawgs MC
San Diego - Book Two


As Sergeant of Arms for the Demon Dawgs, I’m responsible for the safety of all its members. When I receive two calls for help from club women, I have to make a choice. When I choose saving the life of my President’s Old Lady over helping a former kutte bunny with car trouble, I think I’ve made the right choice. However, when the bunny winds up dead, the cops arrest me for her murder. Good thing my President has my back.



As a criminal defense lawyer, I have one rule about my clients. Never date them. Since most of them are criminals, I find it an easy rule to follow. However, when Dante, the President of the Demon Dawgs, hires me to defend his SOA against murder charges, I find my resolve waver. After all, how many women can resist a man covered in muscles and oozing sex appeal like an expensive cologne?

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Grimm's Guilt

Demon Dawgs MC
San Diego - Book Four



Ten years ago, I rescued a young woman from a couple of drug dealers. I killed them before returning her to her father. I thought I was doing the right thing. But then I discover the man wasn’t her father, but a human trafficker. If that’s not bad enough, it turns out there was a witness to my crime.




I lost my parents and my sister all in one night. I saw it happen, but couldn’t do anything to stop it. My only clue? A Demon Dawgs’ kutte. I infiltrated the club to get answers and revenge. What I didn’t expect was to fall in love. My secret is out. Will I receive forgiveness or death?

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Dante's Demons

Demon Dawgs MC
San Diego - Book One


As President of the Demon Dawgs, I don’t always keep my hands clean. After all, dogs love to dig in the dirt. While my MC brothers and I may work on both sides of the law, we draw the line at hurting women. So when we find a young woman, broken and dumped outside our clubhouse, we swear to find her attacker and stop him. Permanently.



As a trauma doctor, I think I’ve seen it all and I believe I’m prepared to face all the horrors man inflicts on their fellow man. However, I find my world turned upside down when a motorcycle club kidnaps me to care for a woman they found beaten, raped, and left for dead. When I discover the victim is my sister, I’m torn between my oath as a doctor and my desire to see her attacker punished. When Dante opens the door to his world, I can either walk through or slam it shut.

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