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Collection #1
San Diego: Books 1 - 5

San Diego



We don’t keep our hands clean, after all dogs love to dig in the dirt. Being in an MC gives us everything we need: brothers, money, women, and freedom. We make a living the old-fashioned way, illegally, but we still have standards. No hurting women and children. Those who do, won’t escape our wrath.

Dante’s Demons - As President of the Demon Dawgs, I make the rules. These are my men, my brothers. A serial killer is loose in our city. When he dumps his latest victim at our backdoor, we save her life with help from her stunning sister, Dr. Tallulah Chambers. I’d fight all the demons in the world for her.

Chaos’s Crime - Someone killed one of our bunnies and framed me. Lucky for me, my President knows I’m innocent and hires the best defense attorney in town, Evie Buchanon. Not only is she brilliant, but she’s the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever met. It would be a crime not to pursue her.

Scar’s Secret - As a medic with the Marines, I’ve patched up my fair share of injuries. But never has saving a life meant as much to me as saving Caitlin Chambers. She’s a fighter inside a fragile body. I can’t keep my feelings for her a secret, unfortunately it isn’t the only secret I have.

Grimm’s Guilt - Being part of an MC means trusting your brothers, especially your President. But what happens when you realize those you trusted lied to you? Especially when that lie destroyed the life of the woman you love. The guilt is all-consuming.

Reaper’s Rage - My rage led me to join a gang. Watching a man die sent me on a different path. Joining the Demon Dawgs saved my life and my sanity. It gave me my brothers. It also gave me Ashlyn Barnes. She’s the only person who can calm the rage still inside.

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