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Puma's Pride

Las Vegas




You know what you get when you play ball professionally? Everything. Money. Women. Fame. Know what you get after a stupid mistake destroys your career? For me, I became the President of the Demon Dawgs Las Vegas Chapter. Which means I now have even more money, more women and a whole lot of infamy. So what happens when the woman you want only sees you as a player? Well, you try to prove to her you’re not. Easier said than done when a woman from your past shows up with your child in tow. A child you knew nothing about.


Puma can have anyone he wants. For some reason, he seems to think he wants me. But I have too many reasons not to go there. Foremost is my little girl, Elina. She doesn’t need the heartbreak if, and when, he tires of monogamy. But the bigger reason is the man who killed my husband. Because I know he’ll kill Puma if given the chance, and that would destroy me.

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