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Chaos's Crime

San Diego



As Sergeant of Arms for the Demon Dawgs, I’m responsible for the safety of all its members. When I receive two calls for help from club women, I have to make a choice. When I choose saving the life of my President’s Old Lady over helping a former kutte bunny with car trouble, I think I’ve made the right choice. However, when the bunny winds up dead, the cops arrest me for her murder. Good thing my President has my back.

As a criminal defense lawyer, I have one rule about my clients. Never date them. Since most of them are criminals, I find it an easy rule to follow. However, when Dante, the President of the Demon Dawgs, hires me to defend his SOA against murder charges, I find my resolve waver. After all, how many women can resist a man covered in muscles and oozing sex appeal like an expensive cologne?

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