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Reaper's Rage

San Diego




At fourteen, two cops shot with me with a taser then arrested me for being black in predominately white neighborhood. Didn’t matter that I was only a few feet from my home. It’s why I joined a gang. After all, if I’m going to be treated like a criminal, I might as well be one. However, watching a young kid gunned down had me redefining my options, so I prospected for the Demon Dawgs. Now I’m a patched member. Unfortunately, my old gang isn’t as happy with my choice, so they go after my girl.


I went to a party and woke up a prisoner of the Spades. Their leader is using me as bait to trap Reaper. If I know one thing, it’s that the Demon Dawgs won’t let Reaper face his enemies alone and they’ll do whatever it takes to rescue me. After all, I’m not only Reaper’s girl, but his best friend, Flame, is my brother. No, I’ll get out of this alive. I just hope Flame doesn’t kill Reaper when he finds out about us.

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