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Flame's Fight

San Diego




Hospitals suck. They suck even more when you aren’t sure you’ll ever be able to walk again. You’d think being able to see the woman I love every day would help. But since she now hates my guts because I let her down one too many times. Well, you see my problem? But I’ll fight. I’ll fight to walk. And I’ll fight to get the only woman I want back.


I knew seeing Flame again would be painful. But I hadn’t counted on the devastation of seeing him bleeding out and not knowing if he’d live or die. The amazing man I fell in love with broke my heart. Now he’s under my care, a broken man fighting to regain his life. He’s strong enough to do it. I can see he’s trying to draw me back in, but I have a fight of my own that I need to deal with first. A fight I don’t think I can win…

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